Transportation is available through your local/closest consignor. Please make plans before the sale concerning transportation with the respective consignor closest to you. Fees and liabilities are the responsibility of the buyer. Information for additional transportation options will be updated as they come available.

For Phone Bids call: 931-335-4628 or 931-335-1262 (Bidders must register first through DV auction prior to sale; We make no guarantee of making contact via phone during sale due to high call volume)
Transport arrangements contact:

1) Randy Dusek (hauling West from GA): 325-226-1470

Look them up on Facebook as well 

Auctioneer: Pit Kimmer

Announcer:Jason Brashear



ABGA Show winners don't just happen. It takes a well-bred, conformationally put together animal to rise to the challenge. If you want winning stock, just put in the G.P.P.S.

April 7, 2018 @ 12:00pm EST
Join us for the 3nd Annual Georgia Peach Production Boer Goat Sale!
This registered Boer Goat Sale will offer ABGA show quality animals from 11 different states including: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and Illinois! There will be lots of spotted and colored Boer goats as well as quality traditionals. Our goal in organizing this sale is to offer some of the best in the U.S. and bring them to you right here in Georgia!   

Registered Boer Goat Sale

12pm EST
3nd Annual Goat SALE

Come view the animals before the sale and enjoy a free BBQ Lunch at Noon! Then buy your favorite ones at 12pm!

Our consignors have been raising goats for years and have refined their programs to offer some of their BEST animals. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase goats that are representative of the best in the industry- It only comes round once a year.

4-8 pm EST 
Goat Preview and TBA informational demo

Join us for Pizza and a free demo! 


Show Quality

Boer Goats